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When you’re on the lookout for a non-stop, high energy show that includes all the latest and greatest dance tunes, the Millennial Beat party band is an exceptionally popular group that exceeds even the highest expectations. Pumping out everyone’s favorite dance music – from today’s top Billboard sellers to yesterday’s classic rock, Motown, R&B, and 80s hits – Millennial Beat creates the perfect party atmosphere.

Five Star Millennial Beat ReviewThe event was great!!!! Millennial Beat absolutely crushed it!“ – Kelly O’Keefe, Victory Ranch, Kamas, UT

Five Star Millennial Beat ReviewAs the owner of an experienced event and wedding planning business, Millennial Beat Band (working through Green Light Booking) was a great experience. It was a quick turnaround from when we initially contacted Green Light Booking, and getting the band on board, so that was even more impressive how smooth it went. On the day of the event the band was GREAT to work with. The sound engineer was wonderful, and Amy, one of the lead singers (and the MC throughout the night), was really good at making sure things were done right.“ – Crystal Lequang, Event Producer, Amazae Events, Pleasanton, CA

Five Star Millennial Beat ReviewOur event was a huge success and Millennial Beat killed it!! We LOVED them! Our guests danced until they could dance no more, when we had to shut it down! The band members were kind and easy to work with. They were energetic, excited to be there and rocked all night. We loved that they played with entertaining music and lights. I have heard rave reviews from our guests all weekend about how fun the band was! Please tell them thank you from us and I hoped they enjoyed being there and were treated great.“ – Courtney Ballard, Saint John the Baptist Catholic Schools, Draper, UT

Your event may be one night of dancing, but if Millennial Beat is your choice for live music entertainment, it can become a lifetime of memories. Imagine rocking out to a few hours of incredible, adrenaline-pumping music, followed by months or years of guests raving about the band and the party. Creating magical moments is what it’s all about, and Millennial Beat offers a supercharged event experience that can’t be topped.

High Energy Dance Music for Any Event

Five Star Millennial Beat ReviewThey were fantastic. We got a ton of great feedback from the crowd. Millennial Beat was nothing less than professional. They were energetic, charismatic and had everyone’s attention from start to finish. Most weddings people dance in circles, but not at mine. The whole crowd was watching them. They were the complete package: sound, look, stage presence, crowd interaction and production. The Millennial Beat band sounded like a fully produced studio recording. Seriously, guests thought they were playing an ipod. They had 80 year olds out on the dance floor.

Also the production team and sound engineers were awesome, friendly and professional. It was a blizzard outside and they took everything in stride with no hiccups. I will always look to Green Light Booking (Millennial Beat’s Exclusive Agent) for events.

My wedding would never have been anywhere near as amazing if it wasn’t for them, and as soon as I get some video from friends I will send it your way. Once again thank you thank you thank you. It couldn’t have gone any better— just an absolutely superb performance.“ – Kelly and Keith Baumgartner , Bride and Groom, Park City, UT

Combining state-of-the-art production, flashy choreography, and unbelievable talent, this powerhouse wedding music band and cover band creates a wow factor that keeps crowds on their feet all night long. Whether you’re planning a casual party or a lavish corporate event or wedding reception, the Millennial Beat party band delivers blistering live performances that leave guests begging for more. For a night of blood-pumping excitement, it’s time to bring in a dance band that oozes on-stage energy, showmanship, and personality: Millennial Beat.